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Canada’s in-demand occupations, 2021 & Beyond

Canada’s in-demand occupations, 2021 & Beyond

Every international student coming to Canada to study, think about job opportunities – both while studying and after getting graduated. Canada allows international students to work up to 20 hours per week off-campus as well as unlimited time on campus.

Part-time jobs for international students
Working on campus. Working at the university is one of the most popular and most demanded options for international students. Students usually work as teaching or research assistants, or in the writing centers, cafeterias, computer centres, or students’ unions. On-campus jobs help international students meet new people, improve their language skills and gain valuable experience.
Working at restaurants and bars.Getting a job in a restaurant or a bar is probably one of the easiest ways to find employment. There are usually many jobs offered by bars, restaurants, and cafes in allCanadian cities. Students can work in different positions depending on their experience and skills. Usually, students work as a waiter, bar staff, or help in the kitchen.

Internships. Internships or co-op placementsare very important opportunities for foreign students to get a relevant jobin their field of study. Internships give international students much-needed experience and open numerous opportunities.Depending on the circumstances, internships and co-opscan be paid or unpaid.

Volunteering. Canada has numerous volunteering opportunities for international studentswith a wide range of available positions. Volunteering helps international students get involved in different types of jobs and gain Canadian experience. It also opens up a host of opportunities and helps students to enhance their CVs.

Summer jobs. International students who cannot work during term time can also find both part-time and full-time jobs during the summer when they do not have any classes. Summer jobs are very valued by the students as it allows them to work full-time. Most of the time, the Canadian study permit allows international students to have a full-time job in the summer.

Future career of international students
Since the beginning of 2021, governmental and non-governmental organisations such as Statistics Canada, Randstad, etc. introduced reports indicating highly demanding occupations in Canada. Analyzing all the reports of organisations, one can notice the intersection between the analyses since more or less the outcomes are similar.

Here are the most demanded jobs in Canada:
Web Developers (NOC 2175)work at various organizations with an average salary of $69,305. Software developers work in occupations such as web designer, webmaster, search engine optimization specialist, etc.

Administrative Assistants (NOC 1241)receive an average salary of $45,927. They help colleagues in areas like accounting and other clerical tasks. Those who specialize more in accounting or bookkeeping have had more chances since these positions are currently more demanded.

Human Resources (HR) Managers (NOC 0112) are one of the most in-demand workers in Canada and receive an average salary of $89,003.

Electrical Engineers (NOC Code 2133)are also in-demand in all provinces. Their average salary is $91,832.

Financial Advisors (NOC 0111 and 1114)arealso highly demanded in Canada. Annually, they receive an average salary of $62,971.

Registerednurses (NOC 3012)need to have a bachelor’s degree and formal registration with the nursing territorial and regulatory authority to work in Canada. Registered nurses receive on average $77,603 annually.

Welders (NOC 7327)or related machine operatorsare one of the most in-demand occupations in Canada.They receive an average salary of $73,504.

Drivers (NOC 7511, 7521, and 7452)receive an annual salary of $44,836.Canada needs many categories of drivers, such as delivery drivers, truck drivers, or forklift drivers.

Veterinarians (NOC 3114)in Canada are in short supply that made them one of the most in-demand jobs in the country. Veterinary is a provincially regulated occupation, and vets are required to have a license from the regulatory body. Their average annualsalary is $95,804.

Aerospace Engineers (NOC Code 2146),as well as Aircraft Engineers, Aeronautical Engineers, and Spacecraft Design Engineers have high chances of getting hired in Canada as older engineers retire. Their yearly average salary is $98,347.

If you are not sure what occupation to choose to be sure of finding a job after your education, do not hesitate to approach us!

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