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How to choose a program

On the way to make that big decision for your future life? So many factors to observe and numerous academic and career investigations to do and what not. Although all of this have some significance but at times decisions like these are stressful, especially when you belong to a family of scholars. We advise you not to take any decision in under any pressure and know that you are not alone.

Before you go to a university, the only subjects you must have known are those that were taught in high school. Mostly high schools teach the subjects according to the traditions which are mandatory for next ladder like diploma or little course that relates to graduation but nothing more in the catalogs that will relate to studies in university. Despite of that, you are required to choose a program without having any gist of all those different courses. Probably that’s the reason many institutes, colleges or universities have introduced the electives for students to explore and do some investigation of different subjects.

There is no right or wrong subject to choose, even when you don’t know what to do for a career. Deciding what to do at the time of graduation can become difficult later but if you do it now, you have plenty of time. But most importantly you need to find a program that matches your interest.

Remember reaching a university or selecting an appropriate program does not end here, this is where your journey starts to develop and tone your aptitude and talent.

So how do you actually choose a program?

  • Talk – to people who matter to you like your parents, close friends or well-wishers and take their advice. It is always good to speak to professionals like educational consultants or career advisors for they know opportunities and obstacles. Looking at your interests, merits- demerits, strengths-weakness and preference they can show you a pathway to a destination that you have been longing for.
  • Research – Besides everything else, know that you are a person to walk that pathway and you must do your research which is always worth the time. This will help you debate in conversations you participate with experts and also open further roadmaps of your mind. Get as much information from the university websites or from your seniors. Match your grades with the programs available, find out your strengths. You can also check if you can try something different During the course of research, you may find out what suits your interest.
  • Evaluate – If you were successful at finding your interest while performing research then next step is to evaluate your skills and few more things. Jot down your skills on a paper and mention the programs that match your skills that you found interesting during your homework. You may notice that the list of programs is reduced by now and you can continue to further research about the scope of program to understand your future earnings, its advantages, program duration and know if you can afford to spend that time away from your family, tuition fee and related expenses. Let your parents know about your findings and understand their opinion. This is the right stage to connect with some experts or consultants to give you further insight on your decisions they are best at this point of time because they have specialized these cases as a part of their job and gained expertise.
  • Potential income – Of course you study not just to be a graduate or a master but to earn your livelihood and its very much okay to look for source of income while investing a lumpsum amount in your education. Look for the programs that involve work experience, having a work experience while studying is a fringe benefit while you apply for a job after graduation or completing the program. A program that gives you co-op, work term or internship should always be kept in mind. At last, you will earn a degree of completion of program and a certificate for your work experience; isn’t that mind-blowing?

You may not get this time again to sit and think about your choice of program or career goals but utilize this time and make it worth. Well, in addition to above mentioned tips, we have few more hints to encourage you but they stand in conceptual area and you may need to know them during one- to- one conversation with our dedicated team of case officers. Contact [email protected] to speak to our team.

‘It’s time to stop letting doubts take over. Let your dreams takeover instead!

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