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Glinks International provides world-class study abroad consultation services for students aspiring to expand their academic knowledge with global exposure.


It is normal to feel overwhelmed & anxious about your child’s future, more when they are aspiring to immerse themselves in the global domain.


As a responsible abroad study consultant, we help you choose the right program through an extensive list of institutions globally.

Study In INDIA

Why study in India?

A millennia-old civilisation with mesmerising natural beauty and a place that represents the glorious amalgamation of cultures, languages and traditions, India captures the essence of unity in diversity in its truest sense. A country with more than 1 billion people, India is vast in every sense of the word, including its education system. It is one of the popular abroad study destinations among international students. Let’s find out some of the top reasons why students come to study in India.

India is a land of diversification, and this extends to the educational courses offered as well. From Engineering and Technology to Humanities, Business and Medicine, India offers top-notch, globally recognised diverse courses for its students. If you want to find out which are the most lucrative study disciplines in India, get in touch with an abroad study consultant who can guide you through.
Education in India is not restricted to closed classrooms. Rather it goes beyond that. India’s approach to education is holistic and comprehensive, where the country believes that knowledge can be garnered from everywhere. It encourages students to read books beyond the curriculum, watch movies, listen to music, go for heritage walks and explore the country as a whole.
One of the most common challenges that international students face while going to a different country or continent is the language problem. However, in India that is hardly an issue as for the natives too, English is the preferred language in educational institutions.
Studying and staying in India is very inexpensive, especially compared to the US and the UK. There are several Government-funded scholarships that India offers for international students. Additionally, getting affordable accommodation in India is not a difficult task, and with the help of an abroad study consultant can be done quite easily.

If you are interested to study in India, get in touch with our education consultant and we can guide you through the process. Contact Glinks International now.


About the country

India, officially known as the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country, and the most populous democracy in the world. India is home to the brightest minds and offers the choicest institutions for launching a flourishing career.

Educational Institutions in India We Have Tie-Ups With

India has several world-ranking educational institutions offering quality education across various fields of study. To learn more about the courses, degrees, and scholarships, get in touch with an abroad education consultant and get admitted to a school, college or university in India under their expert guidance.

At Glinks International, we have tie-ups with several Indian educational institutions, and we can guide you through school, college or university admission in India.

Partnering with the best institutes
from around the world

Best Courses To Study In India

India offers students several courses to choose from. Here’s a list of some of the best courses to study in India.


Make the right choice for your future. Seek advice from Glinks, a trusted overseas education consultant and choose the right study destination for your future.

Choose an educational institution only after thoroughly reviewing its education system, scholarship programs, training facilities, and prospects. Consult an expert overseas education consultant to make the right decision.

We train and guide the students for their SOPs and interviews. Once they receive the acceptance letters from their desired institutions, we further help them with other necessary paperwork, like visas, scholarships, and accommodation.

For visa applications, students must submit several important documents for verification and other purposes. With Glinks on board as the overseas education consultant, students no longer have to worry about the plethora of paperwork needed to get the visa approved.
A new destination calls for new adventures. Glinks lets the students explore popular tourist destinations to help them enjoy their time in the new country.
The academic session for India varies from course to course. Institutions in India generally have 2 semesters, autumn and spring. If you wish to start during the autumn (July to November), submit your application at least 3 months before July. For the spring semester (January to April), submit your application at least 3 months before January.
Glinks provides every minute detail of campus housing, dormitories, apartments, and student hostels near the institutions. 

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