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Why is having a proper academic portfolio important?

Building a strong academic portfolio for overseas education is an integral step that needs to be followed by every student. This portfolio will contain all the intricate details of a candidate’s academic journey, starting with academic scores and any intellectual initiatives like research papers, a thesis, or journals written in their field of specialisation.

How GLinks help to make a proper academic portfolio?

Glinks overseas education consultants follow a step-by-step process for working on a student academic portfolio creation, as the portfolio is the prerequisite for all students aspiring to study at any premier overseas university. An updated portfolio can go a long way in successfully ranking a student’s academic journey. Keeping the importance of maintaining a portfolio in mind, Glinks provide all the necessary information that needs to be added to a portfolio, we guide you in selecting the most important achievements & pointing out the ones which need not be showcased, and we offer tips & advice for building a CV from scratch, provide assistance for interview preparation, we also select the suitable internships and volunteer work that can help in levelling up a students portfolio in front of the decision-makers.

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

SOP or statement of purpose is a tie-breaker for the admission department when opting for overseas education. Glinks will provide step-by-step guidance for filling up the SOP for international students with no room for errors. We will provide you with a format of the SOP for admission application. Our expert counsellors will review your answers and will provide suggestions for improvement. We are equipped with invaluable industry insights & can provide essential tips and tricks to write an authentic SOP.

Art Portfolio

Applying to art/design school isn't just about putting your favourite paintings from high school together and sending it off. The portfolio is an important part of your admission application. It starts with creating an impressive art portfolio in the correct format. Glinks offer the best study abroad consultants who will provide you with a guideline for working on the portfolio and will review and provide suggestions for improvement.


Knowing how to write a high-quality CV that showcases your academic and professional credentials can position you as the best candidate both in the educational & professional domains. We will provide the formats and review your CV. You can use your CV not only for your admission applications but also to apply for jobs in the future.


When it comes to interviews, there is no such thing as too much preparation. While the paperwork and application provide a small window into a student's aptitude, admission boards prefer direct communication with students to gauge their eligibility. Glinks helps students prepare for these interactions with the right questions and practice sessions to help perfect their responses to showcase their intellect and understanding of a course.


If you have done internships and volunteering work, it is a must to showcase these credibilities in your portfolio, as these can work wonders for your admission and scholarship applications. It is a great way to show your dedication to your chosen program and provide evidence that you have had some hands-on experience on a professional level.


Yes, internships and Volunteering can work really great for admission in international institutions and getting scholarships for study abroad. It is a great way to show your dedication to your chosen program and provide evidence that you have had some hands-on experience on a professional level.

Glinks International conducts various types of workshops that include  professionals, motivators and employer panels. The purpose of such activities is to get the taste of real-life experiences. Such activities have always helped our student to a great extent

We will help the student to  locate and apply for the most suitable summer camps which includes an academic component leading to a major exploration of your student life.

We offer sessions by a highly-experienced Life Coach. 24 sessions a year.

Glinks will help the student to prepare for the interviews for international education. For more information you can certainly call us and talk to our counsellor directly.


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