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Applying for overseas education can be exhausting. With each passing year, it becomes more competitive and students are expected to not only ace their exams, but also showcase extracurricular achievements. A lot of ground needs to be covered in the pre-admission assessment stage after the application process: students are expected to take aptitude and basic English skill tests, followed by interview, scholarship, visa application and so on. Keeping the extensive process and expectations in mind, our counsellors ensure that procedures right from the initiation to the completion are handled smoothly.

We are proud to be the only study abroad agency that has come up with an easy pre-admission assessment process that begins with our counsellors understanding your profile thoroughly, followed by our assessment of the student’s specific requirement, so that we can offer tailor-made solutions.

Through a series of meetings and activities in this segment, our team carefully frames and finalises a roadmap for you to reach your goal!

We follow the steps below to understand a student's profile:


Glinks International offers a simplified approach to streamline the long process of applying for overseas education. The first step of our pre-admission assessment process is to evaluate the student’s profile and get a better idea of his/her requirement.

  • A counsellor will be assigned to the student, who will guide him/her through the process
  • Students will be requested to submit their academic and identification documents as per the requirement
  • Detailed information on the students’ and their families’ backgrounds would be required
  • Once we have the required documents and information, we will analyse the students’ profile based on the requirement
  • Budget and goal evaluation will be done by counsellors based on the information provided

Finally, based on our assessment, a detailed roadmap with our suggestions would be provided, which would chart out the best possible options available to a particular student.

The Multiple Intelligence Analysis- Brain Mapping

After carefully monitoring a student’s profile and understanding their goals and aspirations, our counsellors proceed to the next step, which also happens to be one of our core USPs. Our brain mapping process involves the following steps:

  • We take the prints of the student’s ten fingers, which are then sent to a lab to conduct a scientific study of fingerprints and skin grains that reveals the congenital links between our fingers and our intrinsic qualities and talents
  • Based on the findings, we frame a detailed report and analysis that includes potential career options and suggestions, which is then mailed directly to the student

There are many benefits associated with the brain mapping process:

  • It helps students visualise ideas and concepts easily
  • It gives students a chance to be a part of the brainstorming sessions
  • It helps students outline research papers and essays
  • It can help students improve note taking and idea management
  • It helps boost and develop their critical thinking skills


The third step of the pre-admission assessment process involves a systematic approach to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a student. Our assigned counsellor sits with the student to assess his/her unique traits, keeping in mind their profile, career choices and goals. The psychometric analysis comprises a multiple-choice questionnaire to measure the potential of the student. Through this initiative, we aim to understand the specific skill sets and knowledge the student has before we move on to the next steps.

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Being an overseas education consultant to students looking forward to studying abroad and building a strong career in future, we would suggest the student to work on improving their acceptance rate for admission in world’s reputed universities. Our highly trained and experienced counsellors will do an assessment of the students’ profiles based on their needs, budget and career goals, and suggest them the best suitable courses and universities and countries. To enhance the acceptance the student have:

  • to have relevant after-school pursuits
  • to demonstrate your commitment to the study area you are interested in
  • to have assistantships and internships exposure (good to have)
  • to have fluency in speaking and writing skill in English
  • to have relevant extracurricular activities
  • to be prepared for the interview

Yes. Study programs can be selected by the students themselves as per their preferences, but as an abroad education consultant to the students Glinks can help to understand the process better.  We have the finest professionals who can help in choosing the right study programs.

Glinks International has a well planned and very scientific framework for this process. We will suggest going through all steps and get proper guidance and consultancy. It is beneficial to go through the assessment process and then proceed to counselling as assessment sessions can help in making the student understand the program, and institution selection process better.

Brain mapping or psychometric analysis is a part of the pre-admission assessment process which can help students to visualise ideas and concepts easily and make the right decision for building the correct career choices.


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