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Glinks offers on-demand future application services to students willing to extend their stay abroad for advanced work/academics. Our expert consultants will recommend you to one of our associates, who will guide you through the complete process after carefully understanding the requirements & providing all the necessary inputs. There may be an additional cost required for the service depending upon the nature & urgency of the same, which needs to be paid directly to the associate.

Future Application services provided by us:


A study permit is the official immigration document that authorises you to study legally in a foreign country. Our future application service extends to renewing the study permit for you if it expires before the completion of your program. You must have a valid study permit throughout your studies.

We will extend our assistance in the following areas:

  • We will apply to extend the study permit validation on your behalf.
  • We will ensure you have all the valid documents to extend your study permit.
  • We will provide all the necessary information and share the legal documents which are required in the renewal process, like your passport, which is important to extend your study permit.
  • It is advisable to apply to extend your study permit even if you have only one semester left. This is because you must have a valid study permit for the duration of your program. We will handle all the necessary actions that need to be checked for renewing your study permit & providing you with a hassle-free academic experience.


A work permit, also known as a work visa, is a document authorised by the country’s government a student aspires to work in. In contrast to a student visa, which only allows the holder to study at an approved school, a work visa allows the holder to remain in the country and work for an allotted number of years as long as they meet certain requirements, such as having a job offer, being guaranteed a salary above a certain amount, and so on.

Each country has its own regulations regarding these matters, as well as regarding the length of time during which students are permitted to work. Even the application procedures change.

Glinks offers the best counsellors for studying abroad who can assist students with work permit applications in just a few simple steps-

  • We will help you find out which work visa to apply for. Most countries offer more than one type of work visa, depending on factors such as the applicant’s skills, the nature of the job, the purpose behind working there, etc.
  • We will share advice and guide you through the eligibility process. We will also handle the eligibility requirements and ensure that all the required information is provided.
  • We will update you with all the documentation required & assist with filling up the required areas.
  • We can also assist in submitting your application on your behalf if there is an immediate need.
  • In certain cases, applicants might be asked to share additional data, appear for an interview, provide biometric information, etc. We will ensure that all the students are well aware of these essential procedures before initiating the application process.


Settling in a new country can be exhausting & time taking, and can also lead to a feeling of homesickness among many students. Glinks can offer services for inviting parents to stay with the candidates for a couple of days so that they can stay focused & enjoy the much-needed quality time with their family.

If you are thinking of bringing your family to stay with you for the duration of your overseas education, you need to make a checklist & have a careful plan ready with you.

Many formalities must be carefully considered before inviting families to visit a foreign country. Such as:

  • Families need to carry a letter of invitation sent by the student, which will include the relationship of the visiting relatives, the purpose of the visit, the dates of the visit, where the visitor will be staying, and other important information.
  • It is essential to show evidence that you can support them during their visit, including a bank statement or assistantship information, an apartment lease, etc.
  • Students must show evidence that they are enrolled in a full-time course by requesting enrollment verification from the registrar.

Glinks can assist in the complete invitation process & ensure that your family does not face any hurdles while travelling. We will provide all the necessary information and handle all the required documentation processes for a smooth transition.



The cost varies depending on the country. You can get in touch with Glinks executives who can help you with this.  

Various steps need to be followed for converting the study permit to a work permit. We can offer this service on demand. You can drop us a note by filling up the form in our contact us page, with more details.  


Yes. Parents can be invited at your place and Glinks can help here for a smooth process. However this particular service is offered on demand. We will refer you to one of our associates to help you with this. This service may attract additional cost to be paid directly to the associate.  



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