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Post-Landing Services

Moving to a new country requires a lot of preparations and complying with a lot of processes. Immigration comprises only half of the transition process. The rest requires coordination and real-time coordination with concerned institutions. This is where we extend our assistance.

Our extensive post-landing services include assisting clients in the assessment of their qualification from the educational institutions in the new country, providing guidance and advice on immigration laws and providing professional guidance on his/her intended occupation in the destination country. We also provide all the basic information about the destination country, its culture, local environment, people, etc.

Settling into a new environment can be a daunting experience for many as they need to get habituated with the new culture, reacquaint themselves with their local environment and at the same time focus on their academic growth. Even after obtaining a permanent resident visa and landing in a new country, there are a lot of formalities that need to be taken care of, such as finding suitable housing, securing a job, registering with the local authorities, etc.

Glinks can make the transition process easy for students, as we are familiar with post-landing requirements and can offer guidance from the initiation to the completion of the process. Our experienced counsellors are well-versed in the required necessities and formalities for setting off to a new country such as Canada, the USor Australia.



After landing abroad, the first step would be to find a ride to reach your accommodation. This can be an overwhelming experience as you will be stepping out of the airport into a whole new country.

Many institutions provide airport pick-up services through shuttle buses to new and returning students. However, if the student requires an exclusive service and hassle-free transit from the airport to their accommodation, our expert consultants would be happy to assist.

There are several options available for travelling in a foreign country:

  • You can opt for a free ride to your accommodation. Many institutions charge international students a certain amount to pick them up at the airport, but there are still some institutions where the pickup services are offered for free. Reputed foreign institutions like the University of Melbourne, and the University of South Australia offer free pickup services for international students. We can handle the process of getting the service by coordinating with the institution on your behalf.
  • You can opt for regular public transport for reaching your accommodation as well. This option can cost you a little more than the institution’s paid service, but inexpensive options might also be available. We can help you in selecting the right mode of transportation.
  • You can also take a shuttle bus to your destination. We can provide detailed information about airport shuttle services and help in selecting the one which will be suitable for you.


Applying for overseas education also requires students to make arrangements for an international SIM card service before leaving home. This will help students get in touch with their near ones immediately without any service interruption, or pay expensive roaming charges before changing the service. Getting an international SIM card when abroad is the most convenient and cost-effective way to stay connected.

It is advisable to have a checklist in hand before looking for an international SIM card:

  • Be certain that you have all the essential details about an international SIM card, international roaming packs, local and global SIMs, etc. as these will help you stay connected once you cross the border
  • It is advisable to carry a prepaid international SIM card from your homeland before travelling abroad for higher education. If your plans include travelling to a single country, an international SIM card is your best pick as the card provides you with cheaper call rates compared with the rates offered by your home provider

Glinks expert consultants will provide all the details on the most suitable international network service and make sure that all the data packs and basic requirements are checked off the list so that you do not have to worry about staying connected with your family or building new networks in a foreign land.


It is important to apply for healthcare insurance when settling in a foreign country. Health cards can provide a lot of benefits such as  getting cashless treatment at any network hospital in the area.

There are many other benefits of a health care card:

  • You can file a claim for medical expenses with a health card
  • The health insurance card is very handy and portable, so you can carry it around anywhere and it also contains identity proof of the owner along with customer support numbers
  • Health cards are also mandatory for all. These can help secure medical expenses and can be used in emergencies

Glinks offers the best study abroad counselling for students who are aspiring to level up their academic exposure by studying abroad. Our consultants are aware of all the requirements for a health card. We can also offer guidance on choosing the right health care packages and provide all the details on required documentations.


The second important step to settle in a new country is to look for a comfortable travelling option. Many international students opt to have their own cars when travelling. This can be a safer and cheaper option, as you will be in control of your expenses. We can assist you in applying for a driver’s licence and guide you through the process.

There are many advantages of having a driving licence in a foreign country:

  • International driving licences can be used as proof of identity in many countries
  • An international driving licence also acts as legal proof that a person is a valid owner of the licence in the country where it has been issued. It also certifies that he/she can drive in a foreign country.
  • Multiple languages printed on the international driving licence can make it very useful for authorities in other countries to verify the holder’s information
  • An international driving licence can also help students rent a car in a foreign country

International driving licences are printed in various languages including English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Scandinavian languages, and others.


Yes, we provide such assistance. Although most institutions provide the airport pick-up services through shuttle bus to the new and returning student, but if an exclusive service and hassle-free transit from Airport to your accommodation is required, we can certainly help. 

Original and copy of applicant’s valid passport and visa status. Regarding the related documents, we can help whenever needed.   

Glinks can help here. However this particular service is offered on demand. We will refer you to one of our associates to help you with this. This service may attract additional cost to be paid directly to the associate.  

Glinks can help the student with work permit application, who have gone for overseas education. However this particular service is offered on demand. We will refer you to one of our associates to help you with this. This service may attract additional cost to be paid directly to the associate.  

Glinks can help the student with study permit renewal too. However this particular service is offered on demand. We will refer you to one of our associates to help you with this. This service may attract additional cost to be paid directly to the associate.  


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