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Study Permit introduction

One of the most important steps before starting a new overseas program is to obtain a study permit. A study permit allows a safe entry to the country of your choice and secures your academic future without any issues. To apply for a study permit, a student must have the acceptance letter from the chosen educational institution in Canada/Australia/USA or any other country as applied and must be able to provide proof that:

  • The student has sufficient funds to cover tuition fees, living expenses, transportation costs, and other costs while living in the foreign country. The document of proof might include bank statements, proof of scholarship, parental bank statements, etc.
  • An identity proof that states that he or she is a law-abiding citizen and does not have a criminal record
  • Medical records are needed
  • An assurance that the student will leave the country once they have completed their study abroad program or any chosen field of studies

It is crucial to apply for a study permit as much in advance as possible. Any student caught without a study permit will not be allowed to enter the country.

Glinks expert counsellors are experienced in handling study permit requirements for different countries and can provide you with full assistance in completing the process. Our visa success rate is 95% which is one of the highest.

How do GLinks help in acquiring a study permit?


A personalised checklist is a list of forms and documents which is required when applying for a study permit. If you are applying for a visitor visa, study, or work permit, this checklist is based on the answers you gave in the online immigration eligibility questionnaire.

Glinks experienced processing office education counsellors will follow the following steps to acquire the permit:

  • Our counsellors will conduct exclusive sessions to help you understand the requirements of the study permit application and create a personalised checklist to help you get started in advance.
  • We will ensure that all the minute details are taken care of so that you can enjoy a pleasant experience while preparing for overseas education.


While applying for a study permit, it is important to keep all the financial documents ready, as official representatives will verify these to check whether you have enough funds to properly secure your academic ventures in the new country. Financial documents are a key factor in your study permit application.

Glinks foreign education consultants will,

  • Assess your movable and immovable assets enabling you to decide the best way to maintain and present your financials to support your application.
  • We ensure that the complete process is handled with extreme care and attention is provided to all minute details so that you experience a smooth transition process.


We understand that the time and effort required to apply for a study permit are substantial. To make every aspiring student’s life easier, our counsellors will:

  • Provide complete assistance throughout the complete journey of the study permit application.
  • We will ensure that all required documentation is compiled properly so that there are no future delays.
  • We will also assist you in preparing the proper paperwork, medical records, and ID proof when applying for a permit.



No, although both may be related to study abroad, a study permit is different from student visa. A student visa is an authorization provided to students for entering a country. A Study Permit gives authority to stay in the country. It has details about the purpose of living and duration etc.

Yes. If a student has a study permit and is enrolled full-time in an eligible institution, they will be allowed to work on-campus without a work permit. 

It is recommended to connect with professional study abroad consultants for getting a study permit and Glinks can offer the best experts in this category. We will assist in every step of your admission process. 


Yes. Study permit extension applications need to be made at least 30 days before the current permit expires. Our recommendation will be to apply more than 30 days before it expires. 

Yes. Glinks overseas education consultants have the latest industry knowledge to help you apply for a study permit application and complete the process. We provide minute attention to all the details and will ensure that your study permit application process goes smoothly. 


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