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At Glinks, we believe that overseas education is a wonderful way to grow and experience the world and its diverse cultures. It teaches us to be more accepting and knowledgeable. Studying abroad can help you be more prepared to make informed decisions about your future career.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build. We share excellent bonds with our students and match them individually with counsellors who guide them through every step: from selecting a country of study to choosing a suitable programme, study permit assistance and both travel and housing.

“I love getting messages that a student I have placed is having a wonderful time and excelling at his or her course! I feel so lucky to be able to provide these amazing journeys to my students.”

~Prabhjeet Singh, CEO Glinks International, Dubai


Glinks International has designed processes to make studying abroad a smooth and organised experience for aspiring students. We ensure that our students are completely satisfied with our overseas education consultancy services.

Our excellent education counsellors give minute attention to each student’s individual needs, so that they are not overwhelmed by their prospect of living in a new country or burdened with the anxiety of building a social life on campus. We provide complete consultation services starting with the pre-assessment stage, at which counselling is offered to properly evaluate the students’ needs and final objectives, followed by thorough guidance on application process, enrolment process, accommodation, travel assistance and departure and pre-departure mandatories.

We make sure that no student is missing out on important formalities or documentation processes, as these can delay their overseas journey and cause them to lose confidence. It is important to stay in control and focussed when aiming for a global academic experience and we are all set to help students make their dream come true in a few easy steps. 


“I love getting messages that a student I have placed is having a wonderful time and excelling in his or her course! I feel so lucky to be able to provide these amazing journeys for my students.” Prabhjeet Singh, CEO Glinks International, Dubai


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