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Top 5 courses to study in New Zealand

Top 5 courses to study in New Zealand

New Zealand is a great educational option for international students. Despite lower numbers of foreign students than in other developed countries, New Zealand has several internationally renowned institutions with outstanding degree programs.

Why do you have to study in New Zealand?
New Zealand provides foreign students with a safe environment with low crime rates.
Furthermore, as English is the predominant language spoken in New Zealand, students will
not have to worry about language barriers. They may also be eligible for Permanent
Residency status upon completion of their studies. Many degrees earned in the country are
also recognized by Australia, the UK, and European countries.

What are the most popular courses to study in New Zealand?

1. Business Management courses
New Zealand offers plenty of opportunities for business-savvy individuals. With a stable
economy, many graduates find good jobs or decide to start their businesses. In New
Zealand, the average undergraduate business degree takes three-four years to complete.
Master’s programs can last anywhere from one to two additional years, and students may
elect between research-based or course-based programs. Some graduate business
programs also offer hybrid learning experiences by combining online and in-person

2. Healthcare courses
Healthcare students benefit from an excellent education in New Zealand. The New Zealand
government is currently hiring more healthcare professionals from other countries
because of the aging population and lack of labour domestically. A healthcare career is
always high in demand, making it a great subject to study if you are looking to move to New

3. Engineering courses
New Zealand is globally renowned for its manufacturing industry, which produces a variety
of high-quality goods. To keep up with the demand for such products, courses like
manufacturing and mechanical engineering have become increasingly popular. Meanwhile,
civil engineering has become quite popular since the New Zealand government spends a
significant amount of money on infrastructure to improve the quality of life for its citizens.

4. Information Technology and Computer Science courses
Information technology is another excellent program to study in New Zealand, as the sector
does not trail behind other developed countries. Graduates with information technology,
computer science, or software engineering degrees can find numerous employment opportunities in the country, including data security, data analysis, and program or
software development. Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology offers reputable IT and
Computer Science degree programs with its world-renowned professors and state-of-the-
art facilities and equipment.

5. Hospitality courses
The hospitality degree is one of the most popular programs in New Zealand as it provides
graduates with options to pursue a career in hotel management or travel and tour
planning. They can benefit from meeting foreign tourists by working at big hotels or
introducing travellers to the local area’s culture. They can further their qualifications by
obtaining a double degree in business for an executive position or IT for advanced research
relevant to hospitality.

If you want to study in New Zealand and need assistance with your visa application, do not
hesitate to get in touch with our overseas education consultants. Glinks International is
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We can also provide you with guidance on the best courses to study in New Zealand
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