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Canada as the most desirable destination for post-secondary education

Canada as the most desirable destination for post-secondary education

Canada is chosen as the best country for international students
According to the latest poll conducted by IDP Connect from August 27 to September 10, 2021, Canada was chosen as the best countryfor international students looking for overseas destinations to gain post-secondary education and degrees. This North American country left the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia behind. The survey completed by 3,650 respondents from 55 countries revealed that more than one-third of the students (39 percent) rated Canada as their top choice for studying a post-secondary degree, while the US and UK possessed 17 percent each, with Australia close to 16 percent.

Canada is handling Covid-19 better than other countries
This is also the result of the Canadian Government’s successful policies that international students looking for a place to study abroad consider Canada as a country handling Covid-19 better than other countries. Now, as the situation regarding the pandemic is getting better, more and more universities announce return-to-normal plans for the upcoming semesters. The resume in-person classes and on-campus student life activities will not only meet pre-pandemic capacities but even increase the number of students in the country.

But this is not the only reason that makes foreign students eager to study in Canada. The survey also found that the surveyed students’ main motivation was future job opportunities in the country where they are to study. 72 percent of those who chose Canada as a top option said that the ability to work part-time while studying was their priority, while 66 percent prioritized the cost of living and affordability of tuition fees. In total, 69 percent of respondents indicated that Canada was their “most considered” study destination.

Why Canada attracts so many international students?
We know that Canada provides high-quality education with a strong focus on research and development. Affordable tuition fees are also fairly cheaper compared to universities in the US and Europe. Additionally, the Government also allows international students to legally work during their studies. But these reasons are not enough to be the most desired study destination. Canada is more than it seems. When foreign students come to Canada, they find a welcoming country with a unique and diverse local culture. Warm and welcoming people from varied ethnic groups with different cultures and lifestyles make students feel accepted by society and help the adaptation process fasten.

Canadians enjoy a high standard of living that positively impacts international students and makes the country a great place to live and work. In addition, Canada has been consistently ranked as one of the safest and peaceful nations in the world.However, the most important difference of Canada is that it gives students to immigrate to the country after graduation. A detailed educational plan will let foreign students pursue jobs during their Bachelor’s or Master’s studies and remain in the country for work opportunities and even permanently immigrate to Canada.
Now, it is the best time to apply for a degree in Canada in order to come to study in Fall 2022. The earlier you apply, the higher the acceptance chances you have!

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Canada as the most desirable destination for post-secondary education - Glinks International