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How do you know that it’s the right boarding school for your child?

How do you know that it’s the right boarding school for your child?

Boarding schools are guaranteed to provide students a unique experience unlike any other: to allow them to delve deeper in their education within a supportive and diverse community and position themselves for success after school. Research would show that students from boarding school feel more prepared after graduation and are more likely to earn advanced degrees at prestigious college and universities with their highly independent, adaptable skills they have mastered through the years.

Here are some proven advantages of boarding school education:

1.Challenging Academics
This kind of education is known for being more challenging than a normal and private school or public school. In a typical Canadian education curriculum, education ministries look after place on the emphasis of rigorous academics and experience-based learning.

The system throughout the campus is experienced focus that will help improve student growth in terms of self-discipline and will likely develop a strong work ethic that will be their advantage for higher education.

About 78% of students from boarding school are proven to be more prepared for college versus the remaining students from regular schools.

2. Peer Learning
In this school setting, your child can basically do the things they love whilst socialising among their peers. A diverse environment setting of students from different backgrounds can provide a special opportunity for growth and learning.

3. Smaller Class Sizes
A small number of students in a classroom can make all the difference in your child’s success. It is when students get the chance to mingle and interact with their peers and teachers, they engage with the subject material more seriously — a dynamic that makes all the learnings and information more likely to stick.

They can also feel more confident and comfortable voicing opinions and sharing their answers out of any circumstance they may face.

4. Personal Growth
Being away from home and living on campus in a dorm setting provides invaluable opportunities for personal growth. The boarders tend to develop life-saving skills such as time management, work ethic, and independence in an accelerated manner than a public-school student.

5. A Learning-Conducive Atmosphere
A boarding school is a hub for learning. Plenty of institutions would offer liveable spaces for students to make themselves more comfortable and put their classroom learning into practice. It would include facilities like performing arts spaces, science labs, athletic fields and courts, and more.

GlinksInternational offer a unique opportunity for students to deep-dive into learning and community. At Glinks International, the academic standards are complemented by an emphasis on each student’s personal skills and development for their next step in life which is their higher education.

If you are in search for the right boarding school in Canada, we’d love to answer your queries, questions and give you more information about our campus and culture. Apply today!

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How do you know that it’s the right boarding school for your child? - Glinks International