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Important checklists for international students applying to Canadian universities in 2022

Important checklists for international students applying to Canadian universities in 2022

Canada is the best study destination for international students thanks to its study-friendly environment, multicultural population, and excellent education system. It is estimated that the number of students who will study in Canada by 2022 will be more than one million. There are many universities and colleges to study in Canada for international students that provide world-class education and better job opportunities. 

For prospective international students, there are a plethora of factors to consider before coming to Canada. In general, the study in Canada application process includes several steps.

Step 1. Choosing and applying to the Canadian educational institutions and scholarships

Choosing the right university or college is the first most important thing on your way to studying abroad in Canada. After choosing a designated learning institution, students must find programs they are interested in and find out the tuition fees. Almost all Canadian educational institutions offer scholarships, fellowships, or funding opportunities to international students, which they have to consider before applying to any university or college. 

Step 2. Getting Study Permits and other visas

After getting accepted into a Canadian university or college, international students start preparing their study permit applications. If a foreign student is not from a visa-exempted country, the study permit becomes the most important and hardest part of students’ application process. To obtain this document, one needs to complete the study permit application form and submit it with the necessary documents from within or outside Canada. Besides themselves, international students also have to get visas for their dependents if there are any.

Step 3. Getting ready to travel

Before coming to Canada international students must learn about life in Canada to make it easier to adapt to the new place. They will have to learn about getting access to health care, housing and accommodation options, cost of living, part-time job opportunities, etc. 

Step 4. COVID-19 and Government of Canada’s vaccination requirements

Coming to study in Canada in 2022, international students must check vaccination requirements and border measures prior to their arrival. The Government of Canada allows only fully vaccinated travellers to enter the country. All Canadian institutions also require students to be vaccinated to enter the campus. Thus, international students are strongly encouraged to get fully vaccinated with one of the Canada-approved vaccines. 

Above mentioned steps are the most important factors to consider before coming to Canada. Here, we have prepared a detailed checklist to help you plan your adventure beforehand.

  • Apply to a Canadian institution
  • Get accepted to an institution
  • Ensure that your passport will be valid at least 6 months after finishing your studies
  • Apply for a study permit/visa
  • Complete medical examinations (if applicable)
  • Arrange an on/off-campus housing before leaving your home country
  • Contact the international students’ department or association if you have any questions about classes, accommodation, course registration, etc.
  • Consider your banking needs and research the Canadian banking system
  • Learn about Canada and the province you consider moving as much as possible
  • Make sure you possess all required documents 
  • Prepare (scan/print) all important documents you may need in Canada
  • Learn about baggage limitations and requirements before packing
  • Prepare vaccination documents for yourself and your dependents
  • Buy tickets to travel to Canada 
  • Sign up in the ArriveCan app and provide all required travel information
  • Travel to Canada

Our company has a huge database of study options in Canada. If you are planning to study abroad in Canada, our expert counsellors are here to guide you regarding study opportunities in universities, colleges, and diploma programs and help you with study planning and documentation along with visa guidance. Do not hesitate to contact us to book an appointment.

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