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The best Canadian universities with high acceptance rate

The best Canadian universities with high acceptance rate

Canada is one of the preferred study abroad destinations in the world. Many international students choose to study in Canada for several reasons. For many students, the main reasons are the quality of education and the value of a Canadian diploma. 

Sometimes it is hard to get accepted into Canadian universities due to the high level of competition. However, some universities might have very high acceptance rates. Let’s look at the top ten Canadian institutions with high acceptance rates for 2022.

  1. Lakehead University – 82%
  2. Thompson Rivers University – 82%
  3. Ryerson University – 80%
  4. Yorkville University – 78%
  5. University of Northern British Columbia – 75%
  6. Brock University – 73%
  7. University of Saskatchewan – 72%
  8. University of Prince Edward Island – 70%
  9. Mount Allison University – 70%
  10. Acadia University – 65%

The application procedure to enroll at a university in Canada is almost the same. To help you study and work in Canada, we have prepared an explanation of the step-by-step application procedure for Canadian Universities:

  1. Visit the official website of the educational institution you are interested in.
  2. Check if the program you are interested in follows a specific course curriculum and has certain eligibility criteria.
  3. Click on the application form to get registered.
  4. Create an account using your mobile number or email address, and a password of your choice.
  5. Enter your personal details and academic qualifications.
  6. Upload all required documents to complete registration.
  7. Select the program you are interested in and pay the application fee using a debit or credit card or internet banking.
  8. Double-check all information and documents you have entered and submit your application form.
  9. Tack your application form through your account from time to time.
  10. Attend a virtual interview (if required) after being selected.

In theory, you can do everything on your own. Yet, the cost of even a small mistake at any stage may cost you a placement. If you are not sure, we are always here to help you!

Prepare your documents in advance to ease the application process

Before applying to any university in Canada, you need to prepare your documents in advance. To prove that you meet all requirements of the program and university, you need to send a set of supporting documents to the university’s admission office. Search for the checklist for your program and start preparing the documents. You should follow the checklist as your application can be rejected if you do not meet any of the requirements.

However, you have to be careful as requirements may change from university to university. In the next paragraph, you will see a detailed checklist that many undergraduate and postgraduate international students use to study in Canada:

  • Official academic transcripts
  • English language proficiency test scores (IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL, etc.)
  • CV/ Resume
  • Reference letters
  • Scanned copy of passport
  • Cover letter
  • Translations of documents that are in another language other than English or French

If you also want to work and study in Canada, our overseas education consultants can help you reach your goals and make your dreams come true. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable counsellors will provide you with comprehensive services, from application and admission to VISA processing.

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