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Glinks International provides world-class study abroad consultation services for students aspiring to expand their academic knowledge with global exposure.


It is normal to feel overwhelmed & anxious about your child’s future, more when they are aspiring to immerse themselves in the global domain.


As a responsible abroad study consultant, we help you choose the right program through an extensive list of institutions globally.

International Student in Canada


Canada ranks as one of the best countries in the world for higher studies. That is why nearly half a million international students come to study in Canada every year. The country’s excellent standard of life and top-notch education at affordable fees attract local and international students alike.

Here are some top reasons why international students choose Canada as their foreign study destination.

Canada has an outstanding education system, with globally renowned educational institutions, degrees, and courses. The top-notch curriculum of Canadian schools, colleges and universities helps students develop important skills such as teamwork, effective communication, critical thinking, and leadership qualities which benefit their personal and professional lives in ways more than one.

Apart from offering academic excellence, Canada also offers affordable living conditions. Here you will find a wide range of schools, colleges and universities with budget-friendly tuition fees. Canada’s living cost is also low compared to other international destinations.

Before relocating to a new country, it is important to ensure that the new country is safe and peaceful. Canada tops the list as one of the safest countries in the world, making it a popular choice for international students.

In Canada, you will find people from every nook and corner of the world. The country’s welcoming nature attracts the citizens, making Canada a hub of cultural diversity. If you want to study in Canada, it’s time you connect with Glinks, a trustworthy overseas education consultant, for expert assistance.

About Canada

Canada, the second-largest country in the world with one of the world’s longest coasts, is a fascinating and diverse nation. With a stellar education system, Canada is a popular study destination among international students coming from every part of the world.

Best Courses To Study In Canada

Canada offers students an extensive range of courses to choose from. Here’s a list of some of the best courses to study in Canada.

  1. Health Sciences
  2. Nursing
  3. Mining Engineering
  4. Telecommunication technician
  5. Financial management
  6. Economics
  7. Mechanical Engineering
  8. Disaster Crisis Management
  9. Chemical Engineering
  10. Urban Planning
  11. Law Enforcement Studies
  12. Construction Management
  13. Aviation
  14. Political Science
Choosing the right study program in the right university is of utmost importance for every student. Seeking admission to any institute School, in Canada can get a little tricky and if you are wondering which will be the best university to take admission in Canada, we are here to help you. Explore the range of reputed, comprehensive educational institutions in Canada we have tie-ups with and choose the best-suited one for you. Check out their admission processes and program details, seek our expert guidance and after careful consideration, get yourself admitted to a university in Canada.

Partnering with the best institutes
from around the world

Choose Canada As Your Study Destination

Deciding to study abroad is one of the most crucial career decisions students make. To ensure that nothing goes wrong in this decision, seek expert guidance from Glinks, and connect with our education consultant for Canada

Finalising the right institution depends on a number of important factors. At Glinks, we help students make the right choices that will benefit their careers.

We train and guide the students for their SOPs and interviews. Once they receive the acceptance letters from their desired institutions, we further help them with other necessary paperwork, like visa, scholarships and accommodation.
For visa applications, students must submit several important documents for verification and other purposes. With Glinks on board as the overseas education consultant, students no longer have to worry about the plethora of paperwork needed to get the visa approved.
A new destination calls for new adventures. Glinks lets the students explore popular tourist destinations to help them enjoy their time in the new country.
Canada has a lot of colleges and universities, offering multiple study programs around the year. It is difficult to find out which college conducts admissions when. But with Glinks, students can readily get all the information they want on the admissions process at Canadian colleges and universities.

Most colleges and universities in Canada provide housing facilities for their international students. Glinks provides every minute detail of campus housing, dormitories, apartments and student hostels near the institutions.

Hear The Success Stories Of Our Students

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Visa application assistance | Travel & accommodation arrangements


“I love getting messages that a student I have placed is having a wonderful time and excelling in his or her course! I feel so lucky to be able to provide these amazing journeys for my students.” Prabhjeet Singh, CEO Glinks International, Dubai


The cost of study in Canada varies from institution to institution and level of qualification.

For Schooling – 25,000 CAD to 60,000 CAD (Tuition and Living inclusive)

For Undergrad programs – 14,000 CAD to 70,000 CAD per year for Tuition fee + 10,000 to 12000 CAD per year for living expenses. For more information contact us, and we will clarify all your questions.

Canadian universities offer a variety of programs. Some of the best value programs are in the areas of Computer Science, Teaching, Health Administration, Nursing, Recreation & Sports, Environment Sustainability, Business, Finance and Engineering. The Glinks counselors will help you pick the right program and the best course to study in Canada.

As one of the most reputed Canada education consultants, our service charge is very competitive. We pride ourselves on our relationships. We have excellent bonds with our students and match them individually with counselors who guide them through every step of the process: from selecting a country of study and a perfect program to enrolment, study permit assistance, and travel and housing.

Canada has a number of reputed colleges and universities. As a Canada education consultant, Glinks will help the students to choose the one that will best suit all their  requirements and will guide the students to choose the right program.

Canada offers an array of opportunities to international students. Along with it, the country’s safe & welcoming campuses, top-notch education at affordable fees, innumerable business and employment opportunities and the top of all, the premium quality of life makes Canada one of the best countries for overseas study. If you want to study in Canada, it’s time you connect with Glinks, a trustworthy Canada study consultant.

Yes, you can get scholarships. The scholarships are typically based on your academic performance and extracurricular activities. As an expert Canada education consultant we will assist you with the Scholarship processes. Please check out our Scholarship page.

Yes! By law, students can work part-time while they study. This service is available on demand. We will recommend you to one of our associates. There may be additional cost of the services to paid directly to the associate.


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