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Glinks International provides world-class study abroad consultation services for students aspiring to expand their academic knowledge with global exposure.


It is normal to feel overwhelmed & anxious about your child’s future, more when they are aspiring to immerse themselves in the global domain.


As a responsible abroad study consultant, we help you choose the right program through an extensive list of institutions globally.

Master in Poland

Why study in Poland?


Famously referred to as the Land of Pierogi and Potatoes, Poland, located in Central Europe is famous for its diverse culture and serene beauty. Poland, the 6th largest economy in the East-Central region, attracts international students with its bustling multicultural culture and superior education infrastructure.

Interested in studying in Poland?

Read along to know the top reasons to choose Poland as your study destination abroad.

There are more than a million students studying in Poland across 350+ educational institutions in the country. Having several world-renowned universities, like Warsaw and Jagiellonian University, Poland’s number of international students has quadrupled over the last decade. Almost every institute in Poland offers courses in both English and Polish, making it another added factor to why international students prefer to study in Poland.

Polish culture is a wonderful amalgamation of different cultures, including influences from Germanic, Hungarian, Latinate as well as Ottoman cultures. This makes Poland a culturally rich and glorious country where art, music, literature and science are equally celebrated. This, along with the country’s warm-heartedness, attracts a lot of international students.

Studying in Poland and the overall living expenses in Poland are more economical than in other parts of Europe. In Poland, the tuition fees range between 1500 EUR to 3000 EUR per year. Alongside, Polish institutes offer several scholarships for international students. To learn more about them, get in touch with your education consultant for Poland.

Poland universities are known for their robust infrastructure. It is one of the many reasons why thousands of international students go to Poland every year. But it is not only the institutes’ infrastructure but the country’s overall infrastructure that attracts students from all over the globe. In Poland, students can seamlessly commute from one place to another with rented bicycles. Alongside, the country also has affordable car-sharing systems and several public transports that cover every nook and corner of the country.

If you are interested in studying in Poland, get in touch with our education consultant. We can guide you through the process. Contact Glinks International now.

About Poland

A fascinating country that serves as the geographical and cultural crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, Poland enjoys a significant position as one of the most popular members of the European Union. Poland draws many international students each year due to its abundance of prestigious educational institutions and its student-friendly environment.

Educational Institutions in Poland We Have Tie-Ups With

Poland is home to several world-class educational institutions, offering top-notch education across various fields of study. To learn more about the courses, degrees and scholarships, get in touch with an abroad educational consultant. Under their expert guidance, get admitted to a school, college or university in Poland. At Glinks International, we have tie-ups with several Polish educational institutions, and we can guide you through the entire process of school, college or university admission in Poland.

Partnering with the best institutes
from around the world

Learn how Glinks can guide you through the entire process of studying abroad

Make the right choice for your future. Seek advice from Glinks, a trusted overseas education consultant and choose the right study destination for your future.
Choose an educational institution only after thoroughly reviewing its education system, scholarship programs, training facilities, and prospects. Consult an expert overseas education consultant to make the right decision.
Apply for the institutes of your choice and accept the offer that best suits your purpose.
For visa applications, students must submit several important documents for verification and other purposes. With Glinks on board as the overseas education consultant, students no longer have to worry about the plethora of paperwork needed to get the visa approved.
A new destination calls for new adventures. Glinks lets the students explore popular tourist destinations to help them enjoy their time in the new country.
The academic session varies from course to course in Poland. T here are two semesters in Poland for both undergraduate and post graduate programs. The spring semester begins in February, followed by the autumn semester in October.
Most colleges and universities in Poland provide housing facilities for their international students. Glinks provides every minute detail of campus housing, dormitories, apartments, and student hostels near the institutions.

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“I love getting messages that a student I have placed is having a wonderful time and excelling in his or her course! I feel so lucky to be able to provide these amazing journeys for my students.” Prabhjeet Singh, CEO Glinks International, Dubai


The cost of studying in Poland varies from institution to institution. The degree and the course chosen by the student also plays an important factor in determining the total cost to pursue with abroad study in Poland. Glinks International, being an education consultant for Poland can give a fair idea about the cost after assessing the suitability of course and institutes with the students’ requirement and future goals. 

Poland, apart from offering quality education also has innumerable employment opportunities for international students, making it a wise choice as a study destination.  


Glinks International is primarily an education consultant with rich experience in this field. However, apart from helping the student in study permit renewal, we can also assist students in getting a work permit. However, this service is available on demand. We will recommend you to one of our associates to whom the students need to pay the service cost directly.  

By getting a Polish Work Visa, you can extend your stay in Poland after completing your studies.  

Yes, Poland has many employment opportunities for international students and securing a job in Poland, upon completion of your studies will not be a difficult task.  

Medicine, Engineering and Management Studies, Advanced Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Master in Finance and Accounting are some of the best courses to study in Poland. However, our role as overseas education consultant for Poland we will do a critical assessment and will guide the students through.  

Our role as an overseas education consultant to students aiming to study in Poland includes detailed assessment, doing multiple intelligence analysis and brain mapping and psychometric analysis. The findings will help us measure potential ability of a person and evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and the skills and knowledge the students possess before retaining. Based on this our counselors will guide the students and help them pick the right  programs that best suit their career goals. 

There are many scholarships available for international students in Poland. Since we are the consultant to the student for getting higher education in Poland, we will guide you and review the scholarship application. Please visit our Scholarship page to know more how Glinks can help to get the scholarship to study in Poland. 


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