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Glinks International provides world-class study abroad consultation services for students aspiring to expand their academic knowledge with global exposure.


It is normal to feel overwhelmed & anxious about your child’s future, more when they are aspiring to immerse themselves in the global domain.


As a responsible abroad study consultant, we help you choose the right program through an extensive list of institutions globally.

Master Degree in Uk


Having one of the oldest universities globally, the UK attracts more than half a million students every year, owing to the country’s world-class education system and lively culture. Let’s find out some of the main reasons why students choose to study in the UK.

Home to universities like the University of Oxford, King’s College, London and Cambridge University, the United Kingdom offers an exclusive and extensive range of study programs. Irrespective of the course and the field of study, having a degree from a UK university is undoubtedly a special highlight for anyone’s resume. As per the QS World University Ranking 2022, the UK has 17 of the top 100 universities globally, making it a popular choice for international students.

In the UK, nearly all religions and faiths are represented, making it a multicultural society. The country is very open to new traditions and cultures, so it gets easier for international students to adjust to their new life.

Courses in the UK education system are shorter and more intensive than those in most other countries, so you’re likely to graduate sooner while still receiving a high-quality education. Undergraduate programs can be completed in three years, while post-graduation programs can be completed in just one year. This will save you time and money spent on tuition and living expenses.

If you are interested in studying in the UK, get in touch with our education consultant, and we can guide you through the process. Contact Glinks International now.

About the country

Made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, The United Kingdom is an island nation in northwestern Europe. Home to universities like the University of Oxford, King’s College, London and Cambridge University, the United Kingdom offers an extensive range of study programs for international students.

Educational Institutions in UK We Have Tie-Ups With

Many globally recognised schools, colleges and universities in the UK offer various courses to choose from. For details on courses, degrees and scholarships, get in touch with our abroad educational consultant and get admitted to a school, college or university in the UK under their expert guidance. At Glinks International, we have tie-ups with a number of reputed educational institutions. We offer extensive guidance through the school, college or university admission process in the UK.

Partnering with the best institutes
from around the world

Best Courses To Study In UK

The UK offers students an extensive range of courses to choose from. Here’s a list of some of the best courses to study in the UK.

  1. Public Health
  2. Medicine
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Architecture
  5. Software development
  6. Actuarial Science
  7. Visual Arts
  8. Hospitality
  9. History
  10. Interior Engineering
  11. Psychology
  12. English Literature
  13. Professional Sports

Check out the process of studying abroad through Glinks

Make the right choice for your future. Seek advice from Glinks, a trusted overseas education consultant and choose the right study destination for your future.
Select an educational institute only after you have thoroughly gone through its education system, scholarship programs, training facilities and prospects. Consult an expert overseas education consultant to make the right decision.

We train and guide the students for their SOPs and interviews. Once they receive the acceptance letters from their desired institutions, we further help them with other necessary paperwork, like visa, scholarships and accommodation.

For visa applications, students must submit several important documents for verification and other purposes. With Glinks on board as the overseas education consultant, students no longer have to worry about the plethora of paperwork that needs to be taken care of to get the visa approved.
A new destination calls for new adventures. Glinks lets the students explore popular tourist destinations to help them enjoy their time in the new country.

There are two primary admission sessions in the UK – September/October and January/February. A few universities in the United Kingdom also provide April/May intake for a few programmes.

Most colleges and universities in the UK provide housing facilities for their international students. Glinks provides every minute detail of campus housing, dormitories, apartments and student hostels near the institutions. 

Know What Our Students Studying In UK Universities Have to say

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Visa application assistance | Travel & accommodation arrangements


“I love getting messages that a student I have placed is having a wonderful time and excelling in his or her course! I feel so lucky to be able to provide these amazing journeys for my students.” Prabhjeet Singh, CEO Glinks International, Dubai


The cost of studying in the UK varies from institution to institution. The degree and the course chosen also plays an important factor in determining the total cost of studying in the UK. 

With a rich experience as an education consultant for UK, we have seen that the British universities come with hugely diversified educational settings due to a large number of international students coming for higher studies in UK. We will definitely suggest overseas students to study in UK, if after a critical assessment we find that the UK is the best country suitable to their profile and future goals. However, a comparison of different countries can be done upon request, but only one country will be finalized. 

We are your study consultant for UK, and will help in the end to end process. After the students submit all necessary documents and information we will lodge an admission application as per the guidelines provided by the finalized Institutions in the UK. Being trained by the institutions recruitment and admission panels, our team will work towards the success of your admission. We will follow up for the admission outcome with our partner institutions in UK. The students need to be involved in the communication / follow up with the non-partner institutions. 

The academic entry requirements to study in UK are as follows:  

  • Qualifications and grades 
  • Entrance tests 
  • Language proficiency 
  • ID, academic and related documents 
  • Experience and references 
  • Interviews 

UK schools, colleges and universities is a popular destination among institutions owing to the country’s academic excellence, rich cultural heritage and outstanding quality of life. Students who come to the UK for higher education, prosper in both their professional and personal lives. Thus making it absolutely worth studying there.  

The United KingdomK has a plethora of globally renowned universities. We work as an abroad education consultant for UK, and hence we are partnered with several top institutions in UK. We will guide the overseas students through the entire process, starting from choosing the institution and courses based on their career goals, to getting admission to study in UK .    

There are many universities in the UK that offer world-class education at affordable prices. The cost of study in UK largely depends on the course you choose. We are partnered with several top institutions in UK and help international students to get admission in the right institutes according to their academic scores, future goals and budget.  

London, Glasgow and Sheffield are the cities with the most employment opportunities for international students. However, to enlist more cities in the UK that offer good job opportunities, the worth mentioning are Edinburgh, Manchester, Coventry, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Birmingham,  Bristol,  Nottingham,  Leeds.  

Yes, there are multiple scholarships available for international students in the UK. Since we are the consultant to the student for getting higher education in UK, we will guide you and review the scholarship application. Please visit our Scholarship page to know more how Glinks can help to get the scholarship to study in UK 



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