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Student Counselling at Glinks

Glinks International offers experienced counsellors who are well-versed with the latest understanding of overseas education requirements. From the pre-assessment guidance to the final completion of each step, our counsellors will ensure you have a hassle-free career ahead. Our speciality lies in our assessment of each student independently. Keeping in mind their unique profiles, we address their exceptional traits by combining the permutations and locating their strengths and weaknesses. Learning about one’s own expertise will boost the student’s confidence & empower the student to make the right decisions going forward.

Our counselling process involves a series of assessments starting with the country selection, program selection, institute selection & finally locating the missing subjects which need to be added for better chances of acceptance by the student’s most preferred choice of institution.


The first step of our counselling process is to select the perfect institution for the student keeping in mind their individual profile and future aspirations. Before our experienced counsellors construct a student’s career path, we will decide which of the three countries (Canada/USA/Australia) where our specialised services are offered is most suited to help the student accomplish all of their future goals. We will provide each student with enough information on how the selected country will be beneficial for strengthening their career ahead. We can also draw comparisons of different countries upon request.


After we have selected the right country, our counsellors will move to the next step, which is to identify the right program that will meet a student’s academic aspirations. Glinks is the official partner of over 70 reputed international institutions. Our professional team is well-versed in the advanced academic requirements of notable institutions and can help students to make the right decision. Our counsellors will help each student individually select the most suitable programs aligned with their professional goals & guide them through the details so they can arrive at a decision quickly.

Study Programs

If you are looking to expand your knowledge in the business domain from international institutions, Glinks can guide you through the best possible choices of academic programs to help you get started. The programs at our partner institutions are selected to prepare you in advance to meet any situation in the ever-changing business world.

if you are interested in expanding your understanding of the multifaceted profession of engineering, get in touch with us, as Glinks provides the greatest overseas education consultants with the most up-to-date industry information to help you through the programme selection process. Our partner institutions offer in-depth analysis & advanced engineering programs, which makes it one of the most enjoyable and employable degrees obtainable at an undergraduate level.

Choosing overseas education can help gain a new perspective on acting & theatre-centric domains since the approaches are different worldwide. It’s the ideal choice for students with a passion for performing, and many acting programs cover other performing arts like singing and dancing. Our partner schools offer a personalised list of acting programs that match your eligibility and aspirations.

Overseas education can be an invaluable experience for students aspiring to take up music programs, especially for those looking to experience how music changes in a different environment and culture. Our partner institutions are equipped with the best academic programs to help you learn harmony, orchestration, composition, and scoring, as well as sound design, editing, and mixing techniques from industry professionals.

By choosing a career in computer engineering, you will be a part of the exciting multi-disciplinary subject that covers areas of robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Our partner institutions offer a hands-on learning experience in information systems security, ethical hacking, artificial intelligence, wireless technology, web development, computer programming, software engineering, interactive multimedia, and many more.

If you are looking into gaining the skills & fast-tracking your career in the ever-growing industry of animation & visual effects (VFX), Glinks will be the right choice for getting your journey started. We have partnered with some of the world’s best overseas animation schools, benefiting aspiring visual effects artists, 2D & 3D animators, illustrators, and storyboard artists.

Looking forward to making a career in health science?

Glinks can offer the best overseas education programs for passionate aspirants who are willing to add benefits to individuals and communities. Our partner institutions can provide you with the platform to learn & gain industry-specific knowledge about the subject & offer placement opportunities that provide hands-on experience, professional courses, and an exciting learning environment.

Glinks offer the best overseas education programs for studying the interesting domain of environment & natural resources with industry experts. With our partner institution programs, you will learn to solve environmental & natural resource problems from a holistic perspective. You will gain the skills required to characterise, analyse, & predict change in natural systems & develop solutions to environmental challenges.

If you’re looking forward to going to law school & becoming a lawyer or just have a general interest in the field of law, choosing overseas education can help you to explore different aspects of the domain. Learn from our partner institutions to push beyond traditional boundaries to promote effective and sustainable solutions for safe communities and build a successful career ahead.

Want to make a successful career in teaching? Glinks offer the finest overseas education programs for exploring the domain. Teaching is best learned by practice and exposure, and our partner institutions are equipped with the best programs to guide you through the different levels of the domain.

If you’re looking into advancing your photography skills or making a career out of your passion, then Glinks will help turn your passion into a profession. Our overseas partner institutions will provide you with the platform to study both traditional & digital photography in a creative, real-world environment to expand your technical abilities across various tools and mediums.

Thinking of making a career in the field of hospitality & tourism? Glinks is partnered with the best institutions to offer personalised programs that will help you understand the nature of hotel and resort management, the complexities of the commercial hospitality enterprise, and financial management processes.


The most important step in our pre-admission assessment journey is identifying the right institution for the students. Our education counsellors will determine all the information collected so far & assess the right institution for you, keeping in mind the country which has been chosen. There is only one institution that perfectly fits a student’s profile. Our counsellors will work closely with you to determine the best options from a selected list of private and public institutions. Each institution has a unique application process, and our expert counsellors will guide you with the right timelines, formats, and other protocols to make the process as easy and efficient as possible.

Partnering with the best institutes
from around the world


You can trust us with your future!

At Glinks we ensure that we offer the best service with maximum clarity & focus. Our expert education counsellors will ensure that we have covered every minute detail before arriving at a conclusion while ensuring that every small requirement has been taken care of. We will evaluate your present topics and decide whether any essential subjects are missing from your application. If any subjects need to be added, our counsellors will assist you in determining the required subject after explaining how it will affect your profile, and after you are satisfied, we will proceed with the last step of submitting the application.

Glinks Can Help Facilitate You To Study Abroad
With World’s Most Reputed Universities

Your dream of studying abroad can now become a reality with Glinks, one of the most trusted abroad study consultants.


Overseas student counselling is a critical assessment procedure that can help aspiring students reach out to experts in the education domain to assess their options, craft a game plan, and make the best choice for themselves to fulfil their study abroad dream.

Here are a few questions that can be asked by an overseas education consultant:

  • How much will the course cost?
  • Am I eligible to apply for the course of my choice?
  • What requirements do I need to fulfil?
  • Are there any scholarships available?
  • How long can I stay abroad?
  • Can I expect any help to get scholarship for studying abroad?
  • What assistance can I expect during the preparatory phase, pre-departure phase and post landing phases?

And more…

Glinks International is your study abroad consultant. Feel free to book an appointment with us  and clarify your questions.

The experience that the students can have abroad will vary depending on where they choose to pursue their overseas education, so it is important to make sure to pick a study destination based on your interests as well as the country’s academic reputation.

Yes. Glinks student counselling service includes expert counsellors who will provide you with the best guidance and help in filling all the documentation required for enrolling into your choice of institution.

There are many countries worldwide where students can study abroad for free or for a very affordable amount. Glinks study abroad counsellors will guide you with the selection of country and study programs based on your budget, career plans and eligibility

Students can visit the official websites of institutions and apply directly, submit all the required documents or send them by post. Glinks counsellors can apply directly on behalf of the students as well and help you through the entire admission process with the selected university and study program.


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