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Glinks offers distinguished pre-departure assistance to students opting for their overseas education. Setting off for a foreign country can be overwhelming, but we ensure that students are not worried about the departure-related processes and can prepare for their life in a new campus without hassle.

Glinks provides students with assistance including relevant information about their accommodation, details about local cultures, precautions they need to take, a checklist of important items and documents that should be carried, guidance for dealing with emergencies and preparing for airport interviews.

Our expert education consultants are well-versed in the requirements of the pre-departure processes and can provide all the necessary information that needs special attention. We make sure that each minute detail is ticked off the list, so that students can begin their journey with a light mind.



Glinks overseas education consultants ensure that there is no need to worry about travelling abroad . The first item in the pre-departure checklist is booking the flight. This can be a confusing experience as there are many flights available, but choosing the best one may require expertise. Our experienced counsellors provide all the information about suitable flight routes and the best deals available in terms of baggage allowance, layover time and duration.


Glinks consultants are focused on helping you make a smooth  transition  from your own country to the new one. We take care of all documentation processes and requirements, starting with selecting the right international SIM card and telecom service provider suitable for your device. We take care of the initial application for choosing the right plan, followed by acquiring the SIM card and giving it to you in hand before your flight. We ensure that students who reside in remote locations receive their SIM cards either at their new address on arrival, or at the port of entry.


When opting to study abroad for the first time, it is important to open a foreign bank account to take care of all the daily expenses. Glinks consultants provide all the important documents required to open a bank account as an international student. We apply on behalf of the students and submit the necessary documents before their flight to ensure there are no delays.


Studying abroad is not only a great opportunity to level up in academics, but also gives one a chance to build a wide network of contacts with people from diverse ethnicities. It is also important to connect with supervisors from different fields of studies who can help you build a successful career.

A great way to initiate a healthy networking process is by getting in touch with the alumni of the institution and attending on-campus career fairs and other networking events. By doing this, students will be able to establish contacts with like-minded people from different backgrounds. Glinks career counsellors will invite you to participate in special networking sessions organised by our team for students going to the same institution. The main purpose of holding such sessions is to build bridges between potential classmates and give them  an opportunity to break the ice before getting to know each other on campus.

Networking is a valuable skill that can help a student take his/her career graph to a whole new level. In an increasingly globalised workforce, it’s useful to express what sets one apart from the crowd when connecting with people who share similar experiences and professional journeys. It is also important to have a clear idea of what one’s ambitions truly are.

Take some time out and ask yourself what you’re hoping to gain from a networking conversation, what your long-term career goals are and what kind of help you need to fulfil them. This will narrow your search down to the right people you need to contact and consult, while giving you time to build a network before landing up in a new country.

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Once you receive the study permit, you should prepare for your departure for your broad study.  Glinks will provide proper guidance regarding rules and norms, documents, packing tips, emergency preparedness and Airport interview preparation etc. Information about suitable flight routes will be provided and will connect you with an expert travel consultant. 

Yes. Glinks offers distinguished pre-departure travel assistance for students opting for their overseas education.  


Glinks career counsellors will invite you to participate in special networking sessions organised by our team for students who are going to the same institution. The main purpose of holding this session is to give the students a chance to break the ice before taking the next step of getting to know each other on campus. 

A student who is travelling for study abroad has to have a valid identification proof at the time of check-in for verification.  

Yes, Glinks offers assistance for bank account application lodgement. We will lodge an application to open a bank account under the name of the student travelling for overseas education. We may help you with this even prior to your flight. 


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