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Early application spares you last minute stress on your journey to study abroad

Early application spares you last minute stress on your journey to study abroad

Studying in your favourite college can be an incredible start of your career. The transition from being a student to a working professional is one of the most important phases of your life. By choosing the right university you embark on a new journey of education and exploration. A right degree from the best college within your country or abroad can offer you a great exposure to the world. Receiving best education, seeking a way out from your comfort zone and learning new skills can firmly shape up your career and personality. A few things which you take into consideration before you begin your new journey is to be vigilant about application due dates of universities, various submission timelines and criteria for admissions and other processes.

Most of the universities advise to apply as early as possible prior to the term you want to begin. Once a major reaches its capacity, universities usually stop accepting applications even if that occurs relevant. Considering this, it is better to apply sooner rather than later to avoid rejections and disappointment. Applying early can boost your chances of admission in your desired college. Early decision of applying can save you from the last minute chaos and can create a positive tipping effect on the possibilities of admission.

Application deadline vs Documents deadline – Most of the applications are rejected due to lack of proper documentation, late submissions or lack of clarity about the specific deadlines. Some of the most common mistakes are adding incomplete documents, delay in submitting application fees, inaccurate personal statements, courier or internet issues while submitting the application. While keeping a close check on the required documents, its important to be aware of the fact that the application deadline is different than the documents deadline. Most of the universities accept predicted grades with the application and allows time to submit the supporting documents later. This allows you to go ahead and submit your application instead of waiting for the final grades. Seeking help from an expert to manage your application process can provide you such crucial insights. Their expert advice and guidance can make the application process hassle free.

Claim your Scholarship – The first thing you must do when you decide to apply for a specific scholarship in your desired college is check the submission deadline. It is best to give yourself at least two weeks to get all the application material together and allocate specific hours only for essays and letters of recommendation to be written which needs to be submitted with your application for scholarship. If your application is late, it will often not be considered by the college. A delayed application might also hamper your chances to secure a scholarship as University might already allocate their quota for scholarships.

Manage Timelines – Applying early can provide you with ample amount of time to look for additional requirements, proofreading and timely review of your application before the submission. Understanding the specific requirements of the universities and fulfilling those early can help you focus on your classes and exams. If you are targeting to enrol yourself in Fall 2022 intake, the ideal time to apply is in the month Sep 2021. Most of the top universities will close their application portal in February or March 2022 for competitive programs.

Perception – A late application can not only hamper your chances of admission but it can also create a wrong perception about you. Universities and colleges might interpret by your last minute application that they are not your first choice and this perception can have a negative impact on your application. You can also be perceived as someone who embraces procrastination and doesn’t pay much attention to details and timelines.

There are several factors which directly impacts the chances of your admission. Submitting a college application early can increase the probability of getting it all correct. It might not offer you any distinctive advantage but you can certainly attain peace of mind and put the unwanted stress of submission aside.


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Early application spares you last minute stress on your journey to study abroad - Glinks International